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Public Library Security Consulting

How do you balance your need to be an open, accessible, welcoming community asset against your need to properly and reasonably protect people and assets?

Is your library security program a strategically planned and synergistic system that cost effectively prevents and mitigates your real threats and risks, or is it a collection of measures developed over the years as a reaction to incidents and concerns?

Public libraries are, by nature, porous.  They are widely considered both sanctuaries and vital community centers.  Developing and implementing a library security program that provides the needed level of protection and control while allowing the desired level of accessibility is a challenge.  You wish to provide and project an open, welcoming facility in which people feel safe and secure.  Critical assets you need to protect in your library may include:

  • Children
  • Staff and Patrons
  • AV Materials, especially CD's, DVD's, etc.
  • Private Information
  • Books and Periodicals
  • Artwork
  • Equipment
  • The Building and Furnishings (e.g. against vandalism and graffiti)
  • Staff and Patron Property
  • Cash
  • Vehicles
  • Parking Lots and Structures
  • Reputation
  • Etc.

Our support to public libraries includes:

  • Library Security Assessments or Surveys
  • Staff Employee Awareness Training
  • Library Workplace Violence Prevention and Response Programs and Training
  • Development of Library Security Policies, Plans and Procedures
  • Development of Emergency and Crisis Plans and Procedures to include planning for robberies, workplace violence, intruders, abductions, vandalism, terrorism, bomb threats, etc.
  • Enhancement or development of Library Security Officer or Monitor programs, including training
  • We also consider Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) in our reviews and planning

We can optionally provide various Cap Index reports geared to your particular location(s) that could include:

  • A database report that provides "Past", "Current" and "Projected" CRIMECAST´┐┐ scores relative to the national, state and county average of 100. We provide the CRIMECAST´┐┐ scores for the ten (10) different crime categories, and a total of ninety (90) crime risk scores per location.  This report identifies not only the types and trends of crimes in the area and the frequency with which they are occurring, but it also represents the areas of crime in a graphical format (spatial and temporal analysis). 

Dick Sem addressed the Library Administrators' Council of Northern Illinois (LACONI) on Library Security and "How Much Security is Enough?" He also conducted a workshop on library security for the Alamo Area Library System in San Antonio, TX.  He was interviewed for an investigative report on library security in February of 2007 on Boson TV station WCBV ABC Channel 5.

Please call or write if you have any library security questions or would like to request a proposal. 

We will provide of client and professional references upon request.

We are located in the Midwest between Chicago, IL and Milwaukee, WI close to St. Louis, Madison, Minneapolis, Detroit, and Indianapolis, and support clients throughout North America, Europe and the world

Richard D. Sem, CSC CPP
President and Library Security Consultant
Sem Security Management
2133 Ravenswood Road
Burlington, WI    53105
P:   262-862-6786
FAX:   847-589-8566

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