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Security Officer and Guard Program Management - Security Guard Expert

Is your Security Guard Program, whether contract, proprietary or hybrid, as effective and efficient as it can and should be?

Is your security guard program cost effective?  Can you reduce guard hours and maintain your level of protection and security?

Are you using your security officers to their full potential?

Are your Security Officers properly screened, trained, supervised and motivated?

How can you assure a high and consistent level of quality, service and responsiveness from your Security Guard provider?

How can you mitigate your liability risks arising from your Security Officers' acts or omissions?

Should you go contract, in-house or both?  Should you use a local, regional or national Security Guard service provider?  What should you pay  for the service?  What should your Security Guards be paid?  Should your Security Officers be armed?  What should you require of your provider?  How can you keep Security Guard turnover to a minimum?  How many Security Officers do you need?  How can you see through the promises of your Security Guard Service bidders? 

Have you gone through several Security Guard firms without satisfaction?

Security Officers, whether contract or proprietary (in-house), can be the most costly and problematic component of a security program.  They are, after all, both the human element and recurring expense portions of the program.  Security Guards can be the foundation of your security program and shining representatives of your organization and security program, or they can be an embarrassment and liability risk.  Your Security Officers can and should be a symbol of service, consistency, competency and professionalism in your organization as they are often the first persons encountered by visitors and customers.

Dick Sem has decades of experience as a leader in the security officer industry, as the international client and buyer of contract security guard services, and as a manager of proprietary security officer programs.  He has developed and managed contract, proprietary and hybrid (mix) security guard systems.  He has testified in security-related lawsuits regarding the performance of security officers.

We can assist by:

  • Developing Security Officer Requests for Proposal (RFP's), Post Orders, Scopes of Work, Job Descriptions, Service Agreements (contracts), Training Programs, etc.

  • Identifying and qualifying the best providers to invite as bidders

  • Developing and implementing measurements and metrics to assure a high level of service quality and continuous improvement

  • Developing standards and processes for recruitment, screening, hiring, testing, pay and benefits, training, supervision, motivation and contractor management contact and responsiveness

  • Assisting you in determining the best composition of your security staffing program - whether contract, proprietary, sworn officers or hybrid.

  • Performing assessments or surveys to determine your vulnerabilities and security needs.  Assessments can address all security-related aspects of a facility or can be limited to staffing issues.  See page on "Security Assessments"

  • Developing and recommending on Security Guard Post Orders, Patrol and Escort Procedures. Electronic Tour Verification, Uniforming options, Scheduling, etc.

    • Planning Tours and Patrols

  • Developing and presenting initial, on-the-job and ongoing Security Officer training and professional development programs

  • Reviewing and auditing Security Guard programs for effectiveness and appropriateness

  • Litigation support and consulting in lawsuits involving the alleged actions or inactions of Security Officers

  • Support with other security outsourcing needs such as the retention of outsourced managers, investigators, engineering firms and consultants.

We can also provide support in reviewing security department structures and missions as well as in recruiting and defining the responsibilities of security managers. 

We are independent of all providers of security products and services, and our only interest is what is best for you and your organization.  We can provide a list of clients and professional references upon request. 

Your security guard force should be a complementary component of a strategic and synergistic security system.  It is often possible to reduce the overall cost of a security program while maintaining or increasing the level of protection by expanding the range of the Security Officers with electronic tools (e.g. CCTV, electronic access control, alarm systems, etc.).

Please call or write if you have any questions or would like to request a proposal.

We will provide a list of client and professional references upon request.

We are located in the Midwest between Chicago, IL and Milwaukee, WI close to St. Louis, Madison, Minneapolis, Detroit, and Indianapolis, and support clients throughout North America, Europe and the world

Richard D. Sem, CSC CPP
President and Security Consultant
Sem Security Management
2133 Ravenswood Road
Burlington, WI    53105
P:   262-862-6786
FAX:   847-589-8566

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