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Dick Sem will make presentations and present security, loss prevention and workplace violence speeches, seminars and workshops on:

  • Workplace Violence Prevention and Response (see page on Workplace Violence) for Employees and Supervisors/Managers

    • Safely dealing with and de-escalating Conflict, Confrontation and Aggressive Behavior

  • How Much Security is Enough?  How to See the Forest for the Trees

  • Conducting the Objective and Meaningful Security Assessment or Survey (see page on Security Assessments)

  • Building Security Awareness and Ownership for Employees and Staff (see page on Security Awareness)

  • Self-Assessments  or Audits of Security Risks, Vulnerabilities and Countermeasures

  • Concepts of Personal Protection and Safety in the Workplace and away

    • Safety and Security for Travelers

  • The Team-based Security Risk Assessment (see page on Security Assessments)

  • An Overview of Security - Essential Security and Loss Prevention Concepts and Trends

  • Planning for and Responding to the Man-Made Emergency or Crisis (i.e. terrorist attack, bomb threat, violence, arson, sabotage, contamination, intrusion, activist attention, etc.)

  • Getting the Most from your Security Officers, whether contract, proprietary or hybrid

    • Effective Outsourcing of Security Officers

  • Concepts of Counter-Terrorism Planning

  • Mitigating Security and Loss Prevention-related Liabilities

  • Industry-specific Presentations - Security Of:

    • Chemical Plants

    • Manufacturers

    • Libraries

    • Food or Beverage Processing or Production Facilities

    • Hospitals and other health care facilities

    • Schools

    • Colleges

    • Home Builders

    • Warehouses and Distribution Facilities

    • Office Buildings and Suites

    • Etc.

These security and workplace violence presentations can range from lunchtime or dinner talks to full-day or more seminars and workshops.  Each will be developed with your particular needs, culture, history, values and concerns in mind. 

We can also facilitate discussions that may include how your association, industry or firm can better position and market itself in the rapidly evolving security market.

Please write or call if you have any questions, would like to learn more about us, or would like to meet to discuss your needs.

We can provide a list of speaking and professional references upon request.

We are located in the Midwest between Chicago, IL and Milwaukee, WI close to St. Louis, Madison, Minneapolis, Detroit, and Indianapolis, and support clients throughout North America, Europe and the world

Richard D. Sem, CSC CPP
President and Security Expert
Sem Security Management
2133 Ravenswood Road
Burlington, WI    53105
P:   262-862-6786
FAX:   847-589-8566

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