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Security and Workplace Violence Training
We provide a variety of training programs for your employees.  Each program is developed with your unique culture, values, training processes, policies, risks, history, budgets and timeframes in mind.  We take the time to discuss your needs with you and present you with a training program geared to your particular needs and issues.
We develop and present interactive training programs on:
  • Concepts of employee security ownership, involvement and awareness
    • Employee security and reporting responsibilities
  • Workplace and domestic violence concepts for employees and/or managers/supervisors and/or program administrators and responders (i.e. Security, HR, Safety, Legal, PR, Facilities, Emergency Responders, etc.)
  • Conducting the security self-assessment
  • Safely dealing with and de-escalating confrontational, irate, aggressive, intimidating and threatening behavior
  • Prevention of and safe response to robberies
  • Concepts of personal safety and security at and away from the workplace
  • Harassment prevention and response
  • Basic or advanced security officer concepts
  • Security and security officer management
  • Security and safety concepts for travelers
  • Development of Emergency Plans
  • Development of Crisis Plans
  • Etc.
We have developed and presented training programs for:
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Manufacturers and other industrial facilities
  • Food Processing and Production facilities
  • Office buildings and suites
  • Schools and colleges
  • Banks and other financial institutions
  • Chemical plants
  • Libraries
  • Other businesses and organizations
Our training programs can be classroom or workshop, video, computer, written or other formats.
Please call or write if you have any questions or would like a proposal.
Richard D. Sem, CSC CPP
President and Security Consultant
Sem Security Management
2133 Ravenswood Road
Burlington, WI    53105
P:   262-862-6786
FAX:   847-589-8566
E-Mail:   Dick.Sem@SemSecurity.com

Helping you protect your people, assets, reputation and value

"It was a pleasure working with Sem Security Management and I would very much recommend Sem Security Management as would I use them again in the future."

"Sem Security's breadth of experience and knowledge was very helpful to us in improving our understanding of the issues and options we had regarding security." 

"The feedback I received from the staff and officers  interviewed by Dick was excellent.  They commented on his thoroughness and his professionalism and willingness to listen.  The report we received from him was complete, comprehensive, well-written and extremely helpful.