Office Building and Corporate Headquarters Security and Workplace Violence Consultant and Expert

Is your office building or corporate headquarters security program a planned and synergistic system that cost effectively prevents and mitigates your real and present threats and risks, or is it a collection of measures developed over the years as a reaction to incidents and concerns?

Does your office building workplace violence program and plan comprehensively address the critical components of Prevention, Mitigation/Threat Management, Response and Recovery?


  Does your office building workplace violence program properly consider threats including irate current or ex-employees, visitors, contractors, customers, domestic violence spill-over, criminals and domestic terrorism?

Inustrial Security Consultant

All work is performed by a board-certified security and workplace violence consultant and expert with 47 years’ security management experience

We’ve served office buildings and corporate headquarters across the U.S.

We worked with dozens of organizations, including office buildings, following deaths by shootings and stabbings and bring lessons learned to our work

Services Provided

Comprehensive Security Vulnerability and Risk Assessments and Surveys – Usually the Best First Step

Development of Related Office Building Security Policies, Procedures and Plans

Review and Enhancement of Contract and Proprietary Security Officer Programs

Development or Review of Office Building Emergency Plans

Review of Security, Public Safety and Internal Police Departments

Review and Development of Office Building Workplace Violence Programs to Include the Key Components of Prevention, Mitigation/Threat Management, Response and Recovery

Training of Staff and Security Officers on Security and Safety Awareness and Responsibilities, Recognizing the Early Warning Signs of Violence, Safety During Threats and Violence, etc.

Support During and Following Incidents such as Active Shooters, Threats and Related Crises

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