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Sem Security Management

Helping you protect your people, assets, reputation and value

Security Expert and Workplace Violence Prevention and Response Consulting

We are an independent security and workplace violence consulting and security expert firm working with our clients to cost effectively, strategically and practically assess, plan, train on, and develop your security and workplace violence prevention and response programs. We also provide security expert witness support in security and workplace violence litigations.

Our unique blend of experience, professionalism, objectivity and innovation provides you with security management and workplace violence consulting support that comprehensively addresses your particular needs, culture, values, budgets, history and risks

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We develop, support, train and advise on physical and procedural security and workplace violence programs throughout the U.S. and Europe.  Our security and workplace violence consultant and security expert services are geared to your unique culture, needs, risks, threats, vulnerabilities, history, values, mission and budgets.  And we remain available to our clients, on an ongoing basis, to provide support and address issues as they arise.


Dick Sem's decades of security and workplace violence management and consulting leadership as well as security expert witness services brings a unique depth of experience and qualification to our services.  We understand the realities and priorities of business and bring that to our work.


We are independent of all security product and service providers, so you get objective security consulting and support.  Security consultants who are associated with providers of security officers or products may not be completely objective.  Your interests and needs are our only interests.

Richard D. Sem, CPP CSC
Security Consultant and Expert
602 Trevino Drive
Lake Geneva, WI     53147
Telephone:  (262) 862-6786
Fax:  (847) 589-8566



Security and Workplace Violence Consultant and Expert Services Provided:

  • security, risk and workplace violence assessments, surveys, reviews and audits
    • team-based security vulnerability assessments
  • workplace or school violence prevention, mitigation, de-escalation and response programs, plans, policies and training
    • including , training, threat assessment, threat management and crisis management programs
  • security and loss prevention plans
  • domestic violence prevention and planning
  • security awareness programs and training
  • development of security and loss prevention policies and procedures
  • security, loss prevention and workplace violence expert witness and litigation support
  • emergency and crisis planning, especially for purposeful threats and incidents such as terrorism, bomb threats, violence, intrusions, contamination, sabotage, activist attention, etc.
  • counter-terrorism planning
  • contract, proprietary and hybrid security officer program development and management
  • security and workplace violence training, seminars and workshops
  • planning for strikes, work stoppages, lay-offs, mergers and acquisitions, activist attention and other potentially threatening or triggering situations
  • development, benchmarking and reviews of corporate security departments
    • Support in recruitment and development of security managers and directors
  • executive protection assessments and plans
  • hotline program development
  • we also consider Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) in our reviews and planning

Our Virtual Security Manager Program provides you with the expertise and support of a dedicated, outsourced security manager on an ongoing retainer basis.

Industries Served

We provide security and workplace violence consulting  and security expert support to:

  • hospitals, clinics, retirement/assisted living, psychiatric and other healthcare facilities
  • schools and colleges
  • manufacturers and industrial facilities
  • chemical facilities and plants, using the DHS assessment methodology
  • utilities
  • food and beverage producers and processors
  • public libraries
  • office buildings and corporate headquarters
  • warehouses and distribution centers
  • churches and other places of worship
  • children's museums
  • banks and financial institutions
  • retail stores
  • hotels
  • environmental, water and waste management facilities
  • parking lots and structures
  • multiple residential properties - apartment and condominium complexes
  • Etc.

We will provide a list of client and professional references upon request.

A comment on the Economy: Our challenging economy has forced businesses and organizations to re-evaluate their spending and to consider cutbacks. Sometimes security is substantially cut during such times, often because it is misperceived as a non-productive expense.  On the other hand, we are seeing noticeable increases, due to the economy, in crimes such as employee thefts, burglaries and especially domestic violence.  Security-related risks and threats tend to increase during difficult economic times, and random cutbacks may leave you unnecessarily and dangerously exposed.  That is all the more reason to take an objective and strategic look at your security program to be assured that it cost effectively and reasonably addresses your true risks and vulnerabilities.

Territory Covered

We serve clients throughout  the U.S., North America, Europe and the Caribbean.  Dick Sem has served as security expert witness throughout the United States and Canada.

Your overall security program should be a synergistic system in which all measures, whether procedural, physical or staffing, logically and strategically contribute to the reasonable and cost effective protection of your people, assets, reputation and value.

Please call or write if you have any questions or would like to discuss our services in more depth.

We are located in the Midwest between Chicago, IL and Milwaukee, WI close to St. Louis, Madison, Minneapolis, St.Paul, Detroit, and Indianapolis, and support clients throughout North America and the world

Richard D. Sem, CSC CPP
President and Security Consultant
Sem Security Management
602 Trevino Drive
Lake Geneva, WI    53147
P:   262-862-6786
FAX:   847-589-8566

"It was a pleasure working with Sem Security Management and I would very much recommend Sem Security Management as would I use them again in the future."

"Sem Security's breadth of experience and knowledge was very helpful to us in improving our understanding of the issues and options we had regarding security." 

"The feedback I received from the staff and officers  interviewed by Dick was excellent.  They commented on his thoroughness and his professionalism and willingness to listen.  The report we received from him was complete, comprehensive, well-written and extremely helpful.

"To describe your report as comprehensive and excellent is an understatement"


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